Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hair things!

K so I always see these little girls with these way cute headbands with flowers on them, and flowers on top of their ponytails, and I have bought a couple for Jordyn. Well me and my sister went to the HOLY COW BOUTIQUE in Pleasant Grove last week and I saw all of these headbands for sale for like $7 and I was like I can make it for less than that. So I went to Roberts today and bought the flowers and a embellishment to go in the middle and some ribbon and went home and made this really cute headband for Jordyn to wear to Katherines (my niece) wedding!! In total everything cost me about $9, but I have enough to make 4 headbands. How crazy is that!!! And I am sure I can get the flowers cheaper, but I was in a mood and wanted to do it now and saw these flowers and just bought them. Freakin cute!! I might just make some more in different colors!!
From the front!

Side view!

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Tory Miller said...

Very very cute!! I love to make hair things for Kyri. It's so simple and so much cheaper than buying them from somewhere else!! You can sometimes find cute flowers at the dollar store! Good luck with your craftiness!!