Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nothing like a little boy and his dog!!

I just had to share this picture of Ryan with his dog Leo. He got this dog for his birthday last year from his cousin Becca. At first me and Dusty were a little leary about the dog. He was a little bigger than the one we had in mind. We wanted a little lap dog. But it has been a little over a year now since we got him and he has turned out to be a really good dog! He will not go to the bathroom in the house, he just whines at the door saying "I got to pee, let me out". Ryan absolutely loves him. That is the best part about him. It makes Ryan so happy when he comes home from school and Leo just runs and jumps on him and just wants to play with him. There is nothing like a little boy and his dog!!

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ShellBell said...

There really is nothing like a boy and his dog. I don't know what Garrett will do when Angel is gone. He will be heartbroken. She's already 6 years old, and they only live to be 12-15 years old.