Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Firecrackers are #1!!

Well Ryan had his last game on Saturday!! Yeah!! He did alot better this year in soccer. He actually kicked the ball a couple of times. His coaches were really good about working with them on strategy and moves at practice. He didn't get any team pictures this year though. We were in Idaho for Ashli and Marissas wedding on the weekend that they took pictures, but that is okay. I got my own. His coaches were so cool. At the last game everyone gets a medal. Well his coaches went the extra mile and also gave them trophies with their team name (Firecrackers!!) on it. It also said 1st place. Which was true. His team was totally undefeated. No one takes score, but we kept track and they were undefeated. It was awesome. Ryan is so excited about his trophy. He shows it to everyone that comes over. I am so proud of my cute little soccer player. And I am so glad that he loves to play.

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ShellBell said...

He's a winner all the time in our book lol. What a sweetheart. Love that pic.