Wednesday, September 17, 2008

THE BIG 30!!!

Well it is official. Dusty isn't a youngin' anymore. Today Dusty turns 30 years old. Which he thinks is like the end of the world. I personally think that 30 is a great age to be. When you are in your 20s you are still kind of considered "a kid". Now he is in his 30s and is going strong. He has come a long way. He started out a stocker at Kmart and now he is a big time computer man. Not alot of 30 year olds can say that they have made it as far as Dusty. I love you Babe!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU OLD MAN!!J/K!!


Carrie said...

Happy b-day Dusty!! I am so glad you have joined me in the 30 club! I had mine a few months back and it was a sad, dark day!!!! I think I am getting over it. It's just hard to get older!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Dusty! My hubby is turning 30 in a couple of months too. Weird! I hope you have a wonderful day.