Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fun in the leaves!!

So me and Dusty finally raked up our leaves in the backyard today!! If you've ever seen our backyard you will know why this is such an amazing thing. It is a pretty big backyard and it
wouldn't be that bad to rake, except the neighbors have this huge shade tree that loves to slowly drop its leaves all throughout the fall and winter. Now this wouldn't be such a big deal except almost all the leaves fall into our yard. I hate that tree this time of year. In the summer its nice because it shades our yard too, but come fall I detest that tree. Anyway, we raked up the leaves and the kids got their leave play time in too. Here are some fun pics of the kids.

Playing in the leaves!

Smile big!


Where's Jordy?


Carrie said...

your elfy family is so funny. somebody e-mailed me that last year, and i did our family and it's just halarious. we raked up our leaves too and the kids were having a blast! nothing like a pile of leaves and kids! really cute pictures. i love jordy's hair! she looks older now...such an adorable girl you have!!!

p.s. sorry i did not make it to your party. :( i was sad. we are going to have to all get together soon. i think we should maybe go see a movie or something...? anything would be good. maybe right after the new year when things slow down? maybe before? i dunno? let's think on it... haha :0

Carrie said...

I tagged you on my blog. you TOTALLY don't have to do it if ya don't want to ;)