Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mommy I want bangs!!

My friend Ali cut her 1 year old daughter bangs because they were just getting in her face and she wouldn't keep a hair thing in her hair to save her life. So Jordyn sees her hair and decides that she wants to have bangs too. She keeps bugging me and bugging me to let her have bangs, so I finally gave in and let her have bangs. I decided that it is only hair and if it does look bad I can always grow them back. I'll tell you, it is a real change. It is definitely going to have to be something to get used to, but she loves them and so that it all that matters. Thanks Ali for cutting mine and her hair. Love your face!!

This is the before!!

And this is after!!


Mama Bean said...

HOLY COW!!! I think that added ten years to her face She looks like such a little lady now. So trendy and cute!!

Lindsey said...

She's gorgeous. I really like the bangs.

ShellBell said...

Oh she looks so pixie-cute. I remember when I first got bangs. I was ten! Mom just couldn't let me do it. Then Aunt Debbie did it while she wasn't there tee hee. I think it is important to let your kids to their own thing with their hair--within limits of course. I mean, they have to be allowed to go to school lol.

Lacey said...

She looks awesome! I love the bangs.... I had them when I was little just like that and I loved them. Andy says she looks super cute too!