Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Decorations!!!!

So with the first snow and with it being so close to Thanksgiving I couldn't resist putting up my decorations! I have been holding myself back, but now I must do it!!! With it snowing outside and stuff it just seemed right. I brought my Xmas stuff in, found the John Denver Xmas CD and got to work! Christmas isn't Christmas without John Denver Christmas songs. My mom always listened to them when we were younger and now it just seems like they belong together. I usually put the tree and stuff up by myself, but this year I got the kids and Dusty to help. It was great spending time with the family like that. Good times. Here are some pictures of our decor. I have lights outside too, but it is to light to see them. I will post a pic later of them. So Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Hope you get to spend lots of time with your families and enjoy each other!!!
In my kitchen
In my living room
My tree!


ShellBell said...

I love Christmas decorations! I couldn't resist putting mine up yesterday either.

Grams said...

I wish mine were up. We can do that when you all come....LOL