Sunday, November 21, 2010

First snowman!!

I don't know if I am a bad mom or what, but my kids have never made a snowman at our house!Ryan has made one at school, but we have never made one at our house. I can't believe that! We go sledding and stuff, but never that. So this morning when my kids woke up and saw snow they immediately got their gear on and went out to create a snowman. It was so cute watching them work together and make the snowman. They even sacrificed some of their rocks out of their collections for the eyes and the tooth for the mouth :0) I love my little kids and can't wait to go sledding and have tons of fun with them this year. I haven't realized how much I have missed being so overweight. But now that I have lost weight and have more energy I am going to make the most of the season. These are the things kids remember when they grow up. It isn't the presents they receive, it's the times spent doing things with family!!!


ShellBell said...

Your kids are so cute.
I know what you mean about the weight being a hindrance. I think I have only been sledding once with Garrett, and I don't think we ever made a snowman together. Sad!
You are a great mother, and always have been. It's just getting better and better.
Love you sis!

Grams said...

You are making awesome memories with your family. I am awed by all you are doing. Keep it up.