Friday, November 5, 2010

Cute Hair thing I made with fabric!!!

I wanted to learn how to make fabric hair things, so I went online and found a place that showed me how to make these ones. The website is here. My sister-n-law Lacey made Jordyn a dress and there was left over fabric, so I made her the blue bows below to match. They are so cute!!! Then her outfit she is going to wear on her bday matches the pink ones below. I am in love with these bows. I saw another way to make some on Good Things Utah that I am going to try later.


ShellBell said...

I love these! They are so fraggin cute. You know I'm lovin' the zebra!

Lacey said...

I need to learn how to make these! Seriously!!! I'd love to have some to match Gracie's dresses that I've made. I actually gave all the extra fabric back thinking that maybe you could do something like this, but they're super cute!!!!!

Grams said...

Wow! Lacy your are awesome. They are superb. What more can we say. You have such great enthusiasm. You keep all of us perked up at all times.