Friday, November 5, 2010


Well I am finally posting about Halloween! I am usually really on top of things like posting about holidays and stuff, but lately I have been busy. I went to both the kids Halloween parades at school on Friday. Then on Saturday we went to Lindas house and tuffed it out in the rain at her neighborhoods trunk-r-treat! Afterwards we went down to Shellys house because Shane wanted to see his niece and nephew in their costumes. It wasn't raining there so we went to a couple houses so the kids got the "full" experience! All in all it was a pretty low key and fun Halloween!

Ryan as Harry Potter
Jordyn as Little Red Riding Hood (Linda made the cape! Thanks Linda!!! It made the costume!)

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ShellBell said...

They were both so cute. Ryan has the cutest dang dimples, and Jordyn's skipping was just adorable.
Love their little faces.