Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I finished yet another one!! Maybe I will have this project done by the time that Christmas rolls around. This one is for February!! Each block is going to have a childs school picture on it and then I am going to have them tell me what they love about their Grandpa. Cute huh!! I have to tell you this one turned out way better than I had hoped for. I am so excited about this project. Last year I secretly got me and my sisters and brother together and we went and took pictures for my dad for christmas. There was one of us all sitting and then another one of us laying down on our stomachs. They turned out awesome and my dad started crying when he got them. I hope that this calendar will get the same reaction. I love my dad so much and just wanted to do a gift for him that shows him how much.


G.'s Mommy said...

You're doing such a great job! Was this one you created yourself or one you copied? Either way, I love the idea of having the kids tell what they love about Grandpa.... what an awesome idea Lacy!

Hope your family's doing great, what are you going to do for Thanksgiving? What about Christmas? Any ideas yet? Let us know, I'm sure we'll be around this year.

LacyAsher#1 said...

I created it myself. I know-WOW huh!!

ShellBell said...

I love this one the most so far. And the fact that you made it up yourself ROCKS. You go girl.

Thinking to the h am I supposed to top this gift? LOL.