Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Painting Pumpkins!!

The two on the left are Ryans, the middle two are mine and the two on the right are Jordyns!

We finally painted our pumpkins! We bought our pumpkins last week, but Ryan wasn't feeling good and then I wasn't feeling good so we kind of delayed painting them. Well I decided today that they needed to get done. I still am not feeling good, but Halloween is on Friday. So I brought up the stuff and put some paint on the kids plates and let them go to town. I did mine pretty fast and then just let the kids do theirs. Well Ryan finished after a little bit then went outside to play, but Jordyn was in her element I swear. She was having a ball painting them. I would say she painted her two pumpkins for about a 1/2 hour after Ryan finished. She was just in there singing and painting. She painted them so long in fact that they are kind of a grayish color because all her colors just mixed. It was great. I love doing these kinds of things with my kids. Right now I think they are to young to really carve so we just paint (plus painting is alot less gooey!).

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ShellBell said...

Freaking cute. I still haven't done mine. I'm so lazy and not into it this year. Love your music btw.